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RFID Reader

There is a  vast potential market to present your RFID readers in Iran. We are currently using several products form Eroup, East Asia and US. But as a RFID integrator, seeking for best possible prices with reliable performance and we can use your hardware, with noted conditions, in our projects and also market it in Iran.

Every company with relatively low cost and acceptable performance of the following readers are welcomed to AsaaSoft for sellinng the products:

  • -LF readers specially very low cost basic reader with LAN interface
  • -HF readers specially those with big antenna and anti-collision capability for shelf reading and handheld HF readers with good performance
  • -UHF readers specially very low cost basic reader with R/W capablity with few inches reading distance
  • -Microwave Frequency Active Readers with high quality and good performance for applications such as fleet management, Patient detection, Construction sites and etc

Plz inform us, so we will refer to you ASAP. Our contact email is: rfid {at} AsaaSoft {dot} net